Mobile CCTV

CCTV is a powerful tool for deterring crime and protecting property. And now, with the introduction of rapid deploy technology, its potential for cities and businesses just increased markedly.

Perfect to utilise for:

Object detection and tracking


Behaviour analysis


Environment monitoring and sensing


People and object recognition


People counting

What is Mobile CCTV?

Mobile CCTV/Rapid Deploy Units (RDUs) are portable security units that provide instant, intelligent and user-friendly remote monitoring of sites.

They can be rapidly installed even where there is no power or data

Their easy mobility and installation provide effective surveillance to locations that would otherwise be difficult or cost prohibitive to have fixed surveillance in place. Equipped with advanced AI software these units manage big data and utilise the internet of things (ie: they’re smart). In effect, they allow you to beat time, location and service constraint and rapidly deploy high-tech security where and when you need.

The system can be powered by batteries, AC power or solar power, ensuring uninterrupted operation that is ideal for temporary, urgently deployed and highly mobile surveillance needs.

Mobile CCTV’s are perfect where there are:


Changing incident locations


Urgent surveillance needs

Unpredictable threats

Harsh environments that may threaten personal safety


Unavailability of electricity, communication, lighting etc.

Applications for Mobile CCTVs

If you think about situations where regular surveillance and CCTV would be useful but not always practical these are the situations that CCTV RDUs can be deployed. Here are just a few of the applications CCTV RDUs can be utilised for.

Public events monitoring

CCTV RDUs can be installed at designated spots for crowd monitoring and management during public events. 24-hour AI-powered video analytics provide real-time human and object detection and tracking. A powerful tool for keeping people safe and managing large crowds at public events.

Crime hotspot monitoring

RDUs can be installed at crime hotspots and areas where anti-social behaviour often occurs. Because these spots change over time, the RDUs can be deployed where needed, saving time and money..

Civil defence

In the case of civil defence emergencies when you need eyes on the ground, RDUs enable you to quickly restore communications without putting people at risk.

Environmental protection

RDUs can be deployed for temporary monitoring of vulnerable environmental areas eg: coastal areas, waterways etc.

Construction site monitoring

Sites can be closely monitored for project overviews, health and safety and site security. Features such as hardhat and hi-vis detection can be very useful.

Waste disposal monitoring

To combat illegal dumping in public areas RDUs can be deployed at trouble spots. Acting as both a deterrent and as a way to identify offenders.

Coronavirus Screening System

High-speed ability to scan multiple human temperatures

We can detect body temperature within 5 metres. We can scan large numbers of people – quickly and accurately

How does Check Point Body Temperature Detection work?

Partnering with the world’s best

Here at Be Alarmed we are delighted to partner with OT Systems in delivering the highest quality rapid deploy CCTV, IoT and AI solutions to NZ. With this partnership, we will distribute OT Systems’ IoT surveillance solutions (at the forefront of this technology) and provide local service support.

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Talk to us about whether an OT Systems Rapid Deploy CCTV system could be of benefit to your business.

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